JSPWiki Plugin

Special purpose plugins for JSP Wiki. Such as to monitor server listening status...  more>>


Checkout thought box

Read  DB2 Magazine,
Dr Dobbs Journal Oct 07, Sept, Aug Issues
MSDN magazine : Oct 07Sept, Aug


Java based astrology tool for calculating horoscope in indian nirayana system. under dev, Basic calculation part is over. more>>

C Programs

C Programming exercises as specified by VTU more>>

Tech Connect



Interface to access Ext2 file system from windows. more>>

DrugHouse Manager

Customized Accounting, Database management system for DrugHouse


Text Editor (linux) *

Menu Driven text editor for linux. More resembles DOS edit.

Graphics Editor (DOS)

A basic image editor for DOS using TurboC.


8086 Simulator

Its an Integrated Development Environment for 8086 software development


What we are? …

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